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Anonymous sent: Can I just ask why is the well being foetus more important to you as a person than the mother? If the mother is suffering or dies there will be people who miss her, who can relate to her, who love her. Please don't tell me that the foetus has this effect too or even that they could potentially, what I'm asking is why you value one, unestablished life over a life that has something to lose or gain. I am not saying babies aren't a miracle but I'm certain my family would rather lose a baby than me


I never said the well-being of an unborn child was more important than the well-being of his or her mother. That’s not even logical. A mother must be cared for and protected to ensure her unborn child is safe and properly nurtured. What I have said is that their value as human beings is EQUAL. You and others like you repeat this lie in an attempt to mischaracterize the Pro-Life movement. You and your kind also like to falsely state that we stop caring about an unborn child once they are born. I’m sure you’ve heard this claim at least once in your life. It’s a complete lie.

You believe it’s acceptable to kill an unborn child because no one loves them, no one can relate to them, and no one will miss them. You also believe that their lives should not be valued because they are ‘unestablished’ and they have nothing to lose or gain. Now consider your words when applied to a mentally ill homeless person. Sadly, in many cases, no one loves them, no one can relate to them, and no one will miss them. They are unestablished and have nothing to lose or gain. Should they also be killed on demand and without apology? It would solve the same problem that abortion solves - getting rid of the unwanted. Is this the kind of world you really want to live in?

Stand against human abortion. Stand for every human being’s Right to Life.

Anonymous sent: you're completely hopeless. you can't compare a born baby on the outside of the uterus to a fetus. if it's been born of course it's going to feel pain. if it hasn't been born and is still residing inside someone's uterus, it doesn't feel anything at all. that is a scientific fact. The mental processes necessary for the experience of pain do not begin until the jolt of life outside the uterus kick starts them.


This ask references this ask.

I’m truly speechless. You have set a new low for pro-choice ignorance.




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humidifiers fill the air with water molecules from a source of water.image

so what if someone filled a humidifier with holy water. would this essentially cleanse a room of all evil?

Either demons aren’t real, or demons are afraid because humans keep coming up with $40 solutions to demon problems.

Why young Catholics inevitably become Hipsters.


- 2000 year old traditions tend to have vintage cred.
- Secularism is just so mainstream.
- Mumford and Sons. Enough said. 
- also, Lord of the Rings. 
- Pipes are smoked by all our role models.
- Having a Theology or Philosophy degree. 
- Renaissance obsession. Admit it. You can’t get enough Bernini.
- Also Caravaggio.
- Underground literature.
- G. K. Chesterton, know what I’m saying.
- Hahn and Kreeft. You probably haven’t heard of them.

the best of peter hale (for my darling dani)

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